Our Story

Hope Cafe began it’s journey in 2008 as an idea – by the leadership of Hope Fellowship Church – to have a facility that could be used as a way to bless the community around us. So, in order to pursue that dream, the leadership of Hope Fellowship Church sold their traditional church facility. That team, with the provided vision and leadership from Dr. Jack Watson, birthed Hope Cafe – a non-profit coffee house where people of all backgrounds, races, socio-economic statuses, ages, etc. – from the community – could spend time together. From 2009 until 2012 Hope Cafe was opened 6 days a week, offering fresh made deli sandwiches, high quality coffee and espresso, ice cream, milkshakes and desserts. We provided a place where people from different denominations could sit at a table together in unity. We hosted concerts – some even by nationally touring artists. We hosted weekly open mic nights. We allowed our space to be used in the filming of a couple small student films. We donated proceeds to local non-profits who are doing incredible things in the community around us. And we facilitated an atmosphere of hope, love and unity.

In 2012 the decision was made to begin offering the space for rentals of all types – birthdays, anniversaries, CD release parties, graduations, corporate meetings, weddings and other events. So for the past few years we have been hosting all of these types of events here – and more. We’re unsure what the future holds for Hope Cafe, we just know for now that we love having our building used by so many people in the community, and look forward to our years ahead expanding and building on what is happening here. Our story is still being written! Thank you for your continued participation in our story, making our story, yours.